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Amy & Ryan Simonson

Lead Consultant

I was introduced to Scentsy at my neighbor's party in September of 2012.  My husband is in the Air Force, and she was the first neighbor we met when we moved from Cabot, Arkansas to Las Vegas, Nevada.  While we were stationed in Arkansas I saw the "Scentsy" stickers on what seemed to be a TON of vehicles, but I never really stopped anyone to ask them what it was all about.  So when my neighbor invited me to her party I was really intrigued! I immediately began looking through the catalog, and knowing that October was right around the corner; Halloween is a favorite holiday in my household, I was drawn to the "Fright Night" plug in.  I picked out "Pumpkin Marshmallow" as my smell because I absolutely loved it.  After surviving my first three months of "HOT" weather in Las Vegas (July, Aug & Sep) I was ready to be reminded that fall was right around the corner. I was so excited to get my plug-in and bar, I immediately plugged it in into my kids bathroom. Now, here's where my story changes a little.  I LOVED walking into their bathroom and smelling the smell, and soon realized I wanted the smell elsewhere, so logical choice? Move it. However, by moving it from a small bathroom to a HUGE playroom was not my best choice. But don't worry, my story only gets better from here on out. In July of this year (2013) I was upstairs cleaning, as my husband would soon be returning home from a five-month deployment.  I happened to look out my upstairs window and saw a man, woman and two kids talking to the neighbors across the street.  My first thought, "Oh no, what are they selling?"  Lo and behold, they came a-knocking on my door. And if I remember correctly, the kids and I were in their bathroom, because my son had just pulled out his tooth!  I walked down the stairs and opened the door to find my future sponsor, Jessica standing there with a big smile on her face.  In the background I could see the same man and kids in the street.  As I opened the door more, Jessica and I started talking and she said that they had just moved into the neighborhood and were having a "Get-To-Know Your Neighbors" party at their house. After a few minutes, my kids ended up running down to the street where her kids and her husband were standing.  As the kids continued their conversation, Jessica's husband came up and introduced himself.  I had just told Jessica that my husband would be returning home from a 24-hour flight on the night of the party, but if anything I would come down with the kids.  That's how we got onto the subject of the Air Force and that Ryan (my husband) had been gone since February. Long story short, we went to the "Get-To-Know Your Neighbors" party and have become good friends.  I went to one of Jessica's Scentsy parties a year after I had gone to my first party.  I was so impressed with the fact that she was never pushy about becoming a consultant, and she was so happy and open to talk about the business only if I wanted too.  During that party I saw the Wounded Warrior Project warmer and ordered it on the spot (along with the Sugar & Spice bar). WWP is a great charity that Ryan and I fully support, and I couldn't see passing up another opportunity to support it. It was about two weeks later that Jess and I were chatting via text and I told her, "Crazy thing, I want to join Scentsy".  And it has just been a whirlwind from there. As I said before, Halloween is a big holiday in our family, and before I had even gone to Jessica's party in September, I saw an idea for a Halloween party favor.  It was attaching a tag onto a hand sanitizer that says "Germs Are Scary!". During Jessica's party I spotted the Layers Hand Sanitizers, I didn't even know Scentsy sold these!!  I told her about my plan and ordered them in three scents: Luna, Business Casual & Sun Kissed Citrus!  To top it off, I decided to become a consultant two days before our Halloween party. I joined for two reasons, my first one is that I want to be able to have a "security net" in case anything would happen with my current job. This is definitely out of my comfort zone, but we all need to stop being afraid of things and being afraid of failing. You know the saying "You are your worst critic."?  Well, hello, my name is Amy, and I am my worst critic. But I have a new slogan now "Actually, I can." The second reason for joining, I have set a TOP goal of buying a Ford Lightning. I am a Truck Girl, with a lead foot and can't wait for the day that I will be making enough money to make a monthly payment soley based on my Scentsy income, or better yet, pay cash for it! I hope you've enjoyed "My Story", and I hope to be able to update this story in a year and let you know if I've reached my TOP goal yet! Amy RAATS (Ryan Amy Aubrey Tytus Simonson)

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