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Amy & Ryan Simonson

Lead Consultant

I joined Scentsy in October of 2013, after attending my second party. I didn't know much about Scentsy at the time and my consultant (and friend) shared the Scentsy story at the party. I loved hearing the history of Scentsy, where it started and what it has become.   Since I joined, I have traveled to California, St. Louis, Minnesota and FABULOUS Las Vegas!   It has been quite a journey for me, I have had many ups & downs, and I'm sure I will continue too. I love the product, I love the meaning behind Scentsy and I have met many great people along the way.   Thanks for taking the time to ready my story and look at my website.   Amy  

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Reimagine the Scentsy Party

Our beautiful fragrance products must be experienced. Host a Scentsy party to discover what’s new, make sweet memories with friends and family and save on the products you love.

  • Get up to four Scentsy products at 50 percent off.
  • Earn free products equal to 10 to 15 percent of your party’s sales.
  • Get an additional half-priced product when any of your guests host a party and you attend.

What’s Your Party Style?

Your Consultant will help take care of the details. Pick a party experience, and you’re on your way:

  • Invite friends over for a cozy night in.
  • Host an open house for friends and family.
  • Take the party everywhere you go with convenient basket party.
  • Have a party through Facebook and invite everyone to shop your party online! Your Consultant can tell you how.

Fill your world with fragrance

Here’s a look at what you earn at 50 percent off or FREE when you host a $500 party.*

Host Rewards Example

*Example only; actual Host Rewards will vary.